JET Technologies, Inc. combines over 29 years of engineering, technical sales, and marketing experience.

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We can supply your castings fully machined with a variety of finishes.

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A call to JET Technologies Inc.!  Let us find the perfect process to get your part produced at the best price.  We have over 29 years of experience sourcing castings, contract machining and complex machine design and manufacturing.  With a long history of sourcing parts in markets such as Medical and Pharmaceutical Instrumentation, Laboratory Instrumentation, Aerospace, Military, Postal, Process Control Instrumentation, Material Handling Equipment, Electrical/Electronic, Marine, Telecommunications, Furniture, Lighting.   We offer fast and knowledgeable service with no excuses.  We have partnered with the best principals in the business to bring you world-class solutions.     more about us


We offer a balanced portfolio of manufacturing processes to get your part made fast, affordable and exceeding your design specifications.  From the unique V-Process and Graphite Permanent Mold for aluminum to the Investment Casting process for a wide variety of metals, we have you covered.  Once your parts are cast, we can CNC machine, and provide a wide range of finishing services to create a one-stop solution.

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We have saved numerous companies significant amounts of money by converting parts manufactured by other costly processes to economical castings.  Whether at the initial design phase or redesigning for cost reduction why not contact us for the best manufacturing method?  Specializing in volumes of a few hundred to a few thousand parts per year.  Economical tooling and part costs.

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