About Us

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JET Technologies, Inc. combines over 29 years of engineering, technical sales, and marketing experience. We will help you find the best technology to fit your application even if it is offered by a company that we do not represent.

JET Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative agency that has been very successful in helping numerous companies cost reduce their existing designs. In the case of a new design or application we can help you in selecting the proper manufacturing technique. Because of our many years in business and technical background we have helped numerous engineers in designing parts for manufacturability.

Our goal with every customer is to get you linked up with the right manufacturing process. Because we represent a wide range of casting technologies we can be unbiased in choosing the right process for your particular application. We represent some very unique niche processes in the casting industry that are not widely known. These processes combine a good balance of low tooling and piece part price coupled with the ability to turn tooling around very quickly.

Selection of the proper manufacturing technique depends on a wide variety of variables that are different for every application. In today’s fast paced environment lead-times have become compressed so it is critical that the proper manufacturing technique is chosen from the start. Also, cost reduction of existing designs is extremely important in maintaining profitability and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Let us help you.